Frank and Rita Stout

Rise2Shine Ministries is runned in Romania by the Dutch-Romanian couple Frank and Rita Stout. They have two children Timo (born 2012) and Aby (born 2014). Together they are active for over 6 years in Pata-Rât.

comes from Brasov, Romania. She works with children since she is a teenager and for four years she was involved in a church plant in a village next to Medias. Now she is a fulltime mother who is also active in the ministry work in the slums. She works specially with the older teenagers and with the mothers and women. Rita is musical gifted and connects easy with the Roma, who more then once tell her their life story and sorrows. Rita loves new challenges and to reach out to new people.

Frank is from the Netherlands. He is responsible for the day-to-day running of the organisation Zody, but next to that he is also active in the ghettos. Frank studied law in the Netherlands and was a small group leader in his homechurch Nehemia. He left this all behind to reach out to the Roma youth. Frank likes to teach and looks for new ways to help.

Both have a heart to train disciples and believe that a new genaration will raise up and will reach out in spite of their circumstances to their own culture.

Our Vision

Our vision is to give hope in hopeless situations. There where is no hope anymore, where people are discouraged and do not know how to continue life, there we want to bring the hope of Jesus Christ that everything will change for those that trust in Him.

To reach Pata-Rât and the areas around, we want to raise a new generation, that follows Jesus Christ and reaches out with impact to it's own culture.

This does not happen in one day, therefor we have the following approach:

Salvation: Repenting to the forgiving of sin, through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. This is the only thing in life that has eternal value. It is also the realisation that we can do nothing through our own power. When a person accepts Jesus Christ as his or her Savior then he or she also becomes open for new (Biblical) values. Only when somebody is open for change (even without yet being saved), only than aid has a longterm effect. We select those that are open for the next step.

Educaton: Teaching of general knowledge and Biblical truths. Education is essential in order to break old habbits and to overcome the circle of povertry. Most Roma are illitarate and never finished elemantary school. Because of this there is a lack of knowledge, both general knowledge as the knowledge of Biblical principles. Education brings a change and teaches longterm thinking and how to live according to honorable (Biblical) principles. It is a long process, in which we stand next to the people to slowly see the change in somebodies thinking and living.

Integration: Breaking out of the circle of povertry and becoming a member of society, completely and under good circumstances. It also includes being part of a local church, where they help others in turn, to receive a better future, both spiritual as material. At the end somebody becomes independent (that is without help from others) and will reach out to others.

Where ever needed we also help practical.

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The work among the most poor is only possible through your involvement. You can help in different ways Click on a link below and get involved today:


Donations can be send to our Dutch sister organization 'Stichting Zody':

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