Rise2Shine Ministries

Rise2Shine comes from the Bible verse Isaiah 60:1

'Arise, shine;
For your light has come!
And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you'

The words 'arise' and 'shine' are key words for the work we do, in training disciples, who will rise up and will shine the Light of Jesus Christ within the darness of their Roma/gypsy culture.

Our first and foremost mission is spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Next to that we focus on raising up disciples, the future missionaries, and we also help practical, such as with cloths, food and teaching different skills.

We work in Pata-Rât (also known as Dallas), Cantonolui and Coastei, three Roma/gypsy ghettos at the edge of Cluj-Napoca, Romania, next to the garbage dump or land fill. We work (especially) with children and teenagers and weekly around 250 children/teenagers attend our programs. At the moment we run more then ten different programs, led by different volunteers.

Our vision is by 2020 to reach out with the teenagers from the ghettos to other Roma/gypsies ghettos in and around Cluj-Napoca. Teenagers from a place that society says it is impossible to bring a change will be reaching out with the message of Hope of Jesus Christ. This is the heart of God, Who makes the impossible possible.

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The work among the most poor is only possible through your involvement. You can help in different ways Click on a link below and get involved today:


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IBAN/SEPA: NL14RABO0156177854
BANK: Rabobank
Stichting Rise2Shine
Beneluxlaan 9
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The Netherlands

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